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Pro Series FAQ for Educators

What types of students can use Pro Series?

Pro Series is designed for instrumentalists at varying levels including high school and advanced middle school students, undergraduate and graduate college students, and professional musicians. Those using Pro Series must be able to read music and possess an intermediate knowledge of performance on their given instrument. Sample pages from the Pro Series Companion Books can be previewed here.


How long will it take to complete Pro Series?

The standard Pro Series curriculum spans nine weeks, though students, directors, and private instructors can adjust the pace at any point. New lessons are constantly introduced throughout the curriculum, and core lessons are revisited at strategic points as the system progresses. The full schedule is included inside both the Companion Book and the protective DVD wallet included with each instrument. A breakdown of the Pro Series curriculum can be found here.


Which sight reading topics are covered as part of the Pro Series curriculum?

The Pro Series curriculum includes nine sight reading lessons. This means new material is constantly introduced each week. The included sight reading lessons are as follows: (1) The Road Map, (2) Subdivision, (3) Note Heads & Stems, (4) Groupings & Patterns, (5) Presentation of Style, (6) Phrase Interpretation, (7) Transposition/Clef Studies, (8) Musicianship, and (9) Comprehensive Reading.


What type of equipment do I need?

Pro Series requires a DVD player, TV/monitor, instrument, music stand, full-range sound system, and quick access to volume control. For ensemble sectionals, we recommend using a larger TV or projection system and a powerful sound system to ensure adequate balance.


Important note: When playing with the on-screen cast, standard or integrated speakers may not accurately reproduce the lower frequencies produced by the trombone, euphonium, or tuba. Use of a powerful, external sound system is recommended.


What's included in each Pro Series edition?

Each instrumental edition includes the 10 Pro Series DVDs for that instrument inside a protective wallet, the full-length Companion Book, and access to the online community.


The Pro Series Director's Edition includes all of the instrumental editions, meaning the system comes with 100 DVDs and 10 Companion Books featuring over 2,000 guided exercises.


What discounts are available to directors?

We are currently running a number of sales. Check the Official Store for details! Further discounts are available at the time of purchase for additional instrumental sets and Companion Books.


I’d like to purchase Pro Series in volume. What discounts are available when purchasing multiple sets?

Volume pricing is available for music supervisors, private instructors, techniques professors, and other educators who are purchasing multiple sets. Please contact us today for a simple quote.


What is the Disc Replacement Plan?

For up to three years, the Disc Replacement Plan protects your purchase. If one of your Pro Series discs becomes damaged, simply return the damaged disc and we will ship you a replacement for free. This plan includes a maximum of 10 disc replacements for individual sets and 30 replacements for Pro Series Director's Edition sets in the three-year period.


It's very easy to enroll. In fact, you don't really have to do anything. When you purchase Pro Series and choose to add the Disc Replacement Plan, your coverage is integrated with your order history and secured in our system for future use.


What is the Pro Series return policy?

You have 30 calendar days to return any Pro Series item from the date you received it. Only items purchased directly from the Pro Series team can be returned to us. Since DVDs can be copied, instrumental editions of Pro Series, the Pro Series Director's Edition, and all other products containing DVDs must be returned unopened. If the product is defective, it can be returned within 30 calendar days with the original packaging. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

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